Design&qualityManufactured in Spain with attractive

ComfortableSoft texture to
keep marks

EcologicalUse for a month
and to the recycling bin

SafetyFilters particles
with 96 efficiency

Protective masks

FUNMASK are hygienic and reusable face masks that offer a particle filtration level of 0.3 microns of 96%. They do not need filter as they are double layer with outer layer in water-repellent and techno-health fabric. They are not surgical masks or PPE.
With them you can keep yourself and yours protected.
Attractive motifs that you can combine with your clothes and funny models for the little ones making them more cheerful wear them.
Choose the model you like the most, if you make joint purchase with other friends or family you will get better priced with free shipping starting from 30 euros on the peninsula.

FunMask masks have been certified according to UNE 0065 by the ITEL analysis laboratory

You can also see the comparative graph of the level of protection of Funmask masks against other masks

Models Masks for Women

Men's Mask Models

Customized masks for COMPANIES

Customized masks for COMPANIES

Another great challenge that has been added today, is to facilitate the protection measures for employees and collaborators, with personalized masks you can cover that need at the same time as maintaining and increasing the branding of your company, being able to design them in a totally free way, adding your logo or corporate colors.

Become a Distributor


If you have a commercial premises or pharmacy, you can buy masks from 50 units at a very advantageous price and distribute certified protective masks with an unmatched design and comfort.
It offers a new quality product to your customers and at the same time get a new billing source.

FunMask Add-ons

Bags and Covers

Thanks to the good reception that our protective masks have had we have thought of offering the same designs to be able to combine.
As a novelty we have the fabrics in bag format or case for the masks or your mobile and have them protected from dirt or scratches.

Also for children

An added problem with the acquisition of protective masks is that the measurements of them are usually generic sizes for adults and you have to manage so that they do not fall off.

We’ve solved that point with our masks, making them by age range. We added the lucid factor of wearing them with cheerful colors and fun designs to be taken as a game, that moment when they become a tiger, scare like a gigantic monster or watch the rainbow come out in the sun.

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