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Become a distributor of quality masks thanks to Funmask

FunMask provides the opportunity for companies or entrepreneurs to be able to sell designer masks with tested protection for the wearer and people nearby, offering three types of mask packs with 50 or 100 units or you can make your own pack by choosing the models you want at a very advantageous price. The minimum purchase is 50 units.

A product of national manufacture in which has opted to create a reference brand taking care of all the details and offering support for its sale as the delivery of atractrivos attractive exhibitors at a discount price for your point of sale, You can also create personalized masks by contacting us.

To be able to purchase as a FunMask Distributor it is necessary to have a customer account.
If you are planning to take advantage of a winning product at your point of sale or distributions fill out this form and we will create a company account with personalized discounts and benefits.

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